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Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers -- and Seize Success

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

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This is one of our favorite books on career changing. You can get this book from Amazon.

It is a great book worth reading and actually keeping. As one of the key elements in Job Hunting include mental refocusing, this book practically covers several key elements.

The reason we added this Book in the top list is due to it's rich content. Considering the fact that the author is a career talk host, you can tell how rich her book can be. Some other important elements to consider include; 1. As a certified psychologist, the author highlighted some key factors that will help you overcome the mental walls to your profession change, which cannot be undervalued. It includes hands-on, concrete exercises and activities to prepare your brain for a career change, all well detailed in the Book

2. She then weaved in those same psychological fundamentals to assist you to break through the brain-based biases that recruiters and hiring managers will have about you.

3. As a recruiter, host of career talk, and counselor, the author knows exactly the strategies of hiring, as well as the partiality and hindrances every job hunter is up against and how to strategize and create a successful plan to overcome these obstacles and land a good career. In addition to these concrete advantages, the Book has a very conversational approach which makes for an enjoyable read, and it also includes key scientific research and data to back its assertions. We gladly recommend this Book to anyone out there, searching for job or seeking for promotion. Grab a copy on Amazon.

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