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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Should You Write Your Own Resume or Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Is it worth getting your resume professionally written?

The first impression truly does matter when it comes to resumes, considering the rate people are struggling with job hunting, your resume should be your selling key.

Having a professional write your resume may not always be an option for everyone and some people can easily write their resumes without any issues. However, for those who have vast skills but struggling to detail them in a professional manner or they have written their resumes to the best of their knowledge but still struggling to get job interview, having a professionally well-written resume can be one of the best investments worth making in the quest for job hunting.

A winning resume carefully detailed by a certified professional writer is a key element for any job hunter. You stand a better chance of getting hired if you have a killer resume. Like earlier said, the first impression is critical to success. You don’t want to risk your best opportunity of getting hired because of small careless mistakes on your resume or LinkedIn profile. Not everybody can have the time or writing skills to detail a killer resume.


Is it legal to hire a resume writing service?

Some employers care about detailing precise information in an appropriate format. Since a professional or certified writer is working according to your instructions, you’re responsible for contents and accuracy. Unless the job you are applying for calls for primarily writing projects and tasks, then you should try to prove to the employer that you can handle the job by writing your resume by yourself as your work represents your writing skills.


Do professional resume writers really help?

Yes, they do really help, but there are some who will charge you an arm and leg and yet won’t deliver. We suggest you go through our reviews page and maybe, choose from one of the tops in the lists.

To start with any professional resume writer, you should first request a sample in that way, you know what you are paying for. Also, since this is mostly an online service, and you aren’t sure of how to trace the writer in case they fail to deliver, you should do your research well, check for honest reviews on rating sites like google, trust pilot, etc. before crashing into such contract. Again, our review page can assist you in that regard, since we only listed the ones we have thoroughly vetted and seen many honest reviews by their clients.


What Type of Resume Writing Service Should You Use?

Your next action is to determine the type of service you should consider. Obviously, there is a ton of resume writing services and different options available, but you have to decide which option suits your budget. As you may already know, they each offer different levels of service, and the prices can vary dramatically, we suggest you take a look on our reviews page and see if any of the listed services there can be of help to you.


Is a Resume Writing Service Worth the Money?

The sincere answer to this question if plainly put would be yes. Your resume indeed matters a lot. It is a long-term investment that will yield great rewards. However, if you’re a skilled writer and know how to create a winning and effective resume, then you probably won’t be needing a resume writing service. But if you’re not in this category, you should try to get a certified professional work on your resume.

One may say there are so many free tools on the internet to use, absolutely you can get several free tools and templates from the internet, but those resume factories and templates can actually be of questionable value. Some of them may cause severe harm to your computer if care is not taking.

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