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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Why is Job Hunting so difficult nowadays?

If you have been in Job Hunting for quite a while, you will understand the pains and frustrations that come with it. You might even wonder if you are perhaps not as employable as you thought you were, or if it has something to do with your background. Well, you better understand that you're not alone. Millions of other Job Hunters are experiencing the same frustration everywhere. You may be fighting against some odds, but three factors that might as well play a major role are:

  • Issues with resume, either poorly written, too long, or outdated

  • You may have been applying for the wrong job, based on your skills and qualifications

  • Your resume and cover letter might be up against 300 other applicants and employers nowadays use a tracking system to reject resumes. Let say, 300 applicants, applied for one position, automatically more than 75% of them are rejected by the tracking system, only 5-8 applicants are called for interviews and one person will get the job.


Are there any steps to improve your chances of getting hired?

There are some steps you may consider taking in order to improve your chances of getting hired

- Start with a winning resume!

There’s no need for a shortcut to any place worth going. If you really want to take full advantage of your chances, you need a killer resume. Working on your resume and presenting it in such a way that an employer will fall in love with it is your first step to get a job. Gone are days when resumes were simply all about formalities, in this age, you truly need a winning resume that carries so much weight. If your resume appears poorly written and just average at best, then you are up against luck.

- Apply for the right job that suits your skills.

Stop looking down on yourself, and go for the right job that fits your skills. Many times, a lot of Jobs Hunters prefer to throw in an application for any job opening out of desperation, and they forgot to update their resume to match the job criteria, as a result, they make a mockery of their profile and still won’t get the job.

Also, most candidates fail to properly showcase their strengths and core skills in their resumes, and considering the fact that the majority of Hrs only spend a few minutes on an initial examination of your resume, missing those key aspects of your core competences isn’t a good idea. If your resume doesn’t catch the eye of any employer or HR, it gets tossed aside instantly. You have to ensure that your most appropriate skills are the essential ones for the position you are applying for.

- Get connected (LinkedIn Profile Network)

If you have been hiding while hunting for jobs, is time you come out and join the wagon for possible destiny helpers. Start to build your network around people that are already doing the type of job you wish to apply for. If you already have a network of contacts and associates, or in a group of certain professionals on LinkedIn, don’t underrate the gift of having them, maybe now is the best time to leverage those relationships to get your foot at the door. Start by asking them for referrals and news about new job openings that suit your qualifications.


What not to put on your LinkedIn Profile as an unemployed

Focus on your headline, which speaks to the needs of employers.

LinkedIn will use your current job position’s title as your profile headline by default. Meaning, if you are actually unemployed, it will be the first thing that will appear on your profile headline. The best idea is to be sincere but at the same time cautious. There won’t be any harm, if you go ahead and put the last date of your last job, and add new experiences you may have gained while searching for a job. Something like, a volunteering experience in one organization or community center isn't bad. It might actually turn out to be a good point on your profile as some employers may see it as being committed and dedicated. You can also update your profile with any completed online short courses as it will improve your chances of getting a job.


Why having a good LinkedIn Profile is good for Job Hunting

LinkedIn has undeniably become the best social network for job hunting professionals. Many big corporations and businesses now use the LinkedIn social network as their recruitment tool, so having a great profile on this professional network is not a bad idea. According to Jobvite, about 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn and other platforms like indeed as their recruitment tool. You should try and get a good LinkedIn profile. You can check our reviews page, for how to get a great LinkedIn Profile.

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